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  • Mobile Application Development


    Client from US came to us with an idea of a mobile application and basic documentation. purpose of the project is to create an application where it will be easy for pigeon lovers to buy or sell pigeons via Auction or direct buying worldwide in a minute with less paperwork as possible by using latest technologies (React Native and NODE.JS).


    The initial scope was just a mobile application with only direct buying/selling feature that will be extended to auction feature. but afterward, our team suggested to creating also web application.


    One client of ours had ordered Social Platform website for their own needs about a year ago before the project we would like to show you here. Initial requirements were just a social website, but during development and lots of minor changes and major suggestions from both sides, the website became a powerful Social media Platform for cricket lovers.

    It helped their business and after some time passed during the development of another project for the same client we got that such a Platform would help hundreds of users worldwide and we decided to create its mobile application.

    Now it is live product which helps a lot of cricket lovers and this number keeps growing. Our client earns money from subscriptions on the platform.